Gender Dimensions of Agricultural Innovation Awareness and Adoption

Bangladesh - Microfinance and Technical Support Project - Decemb

Source: IFAD

An initial output of the BioSight project is the following working paper:

Gender Dimensions of Agricultural Innovation Awareness and Adoption

Researchers and stakeholders are becoming increasingly attuned to the role that gender plays in economic policies and development. Traditionally, researchers made implicit assumptions that households pooled resources and made collective decisions as a single unit. It is now more widely accepted that men and women have different levels of access to resources, and have different preferences about how resources are used. The gender of the household head can determine whether and to what extent they engage in projects and project activities. Furthermore, different projects, and different forms of policy intervention affect households differently depending on their gender. Explicitly accounting for gender in research on natural resource management can help reveal important distinctions about how policies should account for gender. This paper illustrates a proposed methodology that was developed to try and account for the gender of resource users, among other factors that might affect their decisions about agriculture, natural resource management, and technology adoption.  The paper presents a brief empirical analysis which illustrates the challenges of applying these insights to applied problems.

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