Integrating Institutions into Bio-Economic Modelling for Development


An initial output of the BioSight project is the following working paper:

Integrating Institutions into Bioeconomic Modeling for Development

Economic policies are central to the effort to foster sustainable development in many of the world's poor regions. It is widely acknowledged that economic activities have a major impact on the environment, and in turn the environment is a major factor determining the decisions of economic agents. It is therefore required that economic policies take into account these complex trade-offs, in order to foster sustainable development and improvements in well-being. In this paper, the authors argue for the centrality of policies in sustaining current efforts to alleviate poverty and hunger and foster food security and resilience. The authors set out to develop an analytical framework of a social-ecological system that is consistent with both bio-economic modelling and institutional analysis approaches. They undertake a comprehensive overview of how important institutional considerations enter into the analysis of sustainable agricultural intensification, and make a number of recommendations for improving the representation of institutions within the bio-economic modeling that is applied to this area of research.

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