Upcoming Modelling Workshop in Washington DC

During the week of June 15th, 2015, collaborators on the BioSight project will be convening in Washington, DC, to conduct a one week workshop on bio-economic modelling. The focus will be on completing the first installment of the agricultural household model DAHBSIM (Dynamic Agricultural Household Bio-Economic Simulator). This model is the first major output of the BioSight project. As an agent based model operating at the scale of the farm house-hold, the model is designed to provide stakeholders and decision makers with information regarding to the inherent trade-offs between agricultural productivity, the environment, and economic development. The workshop will be involving key collaborators between researchers based at IFPRI in Washington, DC, as well as researchers from the Mediterannean Institute of Agronomy in Montpellier, France, and the French Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).