BioSight Represented at ICAE 2015 Conference

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Chris 論)

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Chris 論)

During the week of August 8th-14th, researchers, agronomists, and policy makers from around the world convened in Milan, Italy to attend the 2015 ICAE (International Conference for Agricultural Economists). The theme of the conference was 'Agriculture in an Interconnected World'. Team members from BioSight, as well as many others from IFPRI, were in attendance at the event.

The main focus of the conference was to address the widespread adoption of new communications technology in agriculture. These innovations are leading to a number of unprecedented changes in global agriculture, including:

  • links between agricultural and energy markets through biofuels and inputs of fuel and fertilizer;
  • links between agriculture and other uses of land;
  • links between agriculture and other sectors as developing countries urbanize and labor moves out of agriculture;
  • the supermarket revolution in developing countries;
  • trade policy debates, both when prices are high and when they are low;
  • the collective action problems associated with price volatility;
  • international investment in agricultural land;
  • links between scientific progress and productivity growth in agriculture;
  • climate change and agriculture;
  • competition between agriculture and other users of increasingly scarce water.

As the main research focus of BioSight is on sustainable intensification, the BioSight team participated  in a session on agri-environmental modelling of livestock. The conference presentation can be viewed from the below link.

Download BioSight Conference Presentation; ICAE 2015 (536 KB)