Description of the Dynamic Agricultural Household Bio-Economic Simulator (DAHBSIM)

    Researchers and policy experts in the agricultural field are often interested in the optimal means by which scarce resources should be used to achieve desired outcomes at the level of the farm-household. The techniques used for determining optimal farm level management and technology adoption decisions have often involved modeling behavioral and technical relationships >> Read more

BioSight Represented at ICAE 2015 Conference

Researchers, agronomists, and policy makers convened in Milan to attend the 2015 ICAE: Agriculture in an Interconnected World

Bio-Economic Models: State of the Art and Key Priorities

  An initial output of the BioSight project is the following working paper written by Guillermo Flichman and Thomas Allen: Bio-Economic Modeling: State of the Art and Key Priorities. Guillermo Flichman, Thomas Allen Bio-economic models are models that combine bio-physical components, often related to crop, soil or livestock, with economic mathematical programming models. The development >> Read more

Modelling Environmental and Economic Aspects of Livestock Production

Image Source: Flickr, IFPRI BioSight will be participating in a session on livestock modelling at the upcoming conference on Agriculture in an Interconnected World, being held by the International Association of Agricultural Economics (IAEE) between August 8-14, 2015 in Milan, Italy. Below is an excerpt from the conference proposal: The livestock sector plays an important >> Read more