Intensifying Agricultural Production Sustainably

Intensifying Agricultural Production Sustainably: A Framework for Analysis and Decision Support, by Monica Zurek This paper sets out the various aspects of Agricultural  Sustainable Intensification that is most relevant to the work of BioSight, and puts it within the context of how other researchers and development stakeholders think about the issue and the key socio-economic >> Read more

NonCropShare Coordination Game

A coordination game for provision of insect-based ecosystem services NonCropShare is an experimental field game, played by four players, that investigates how choices to maintain non-crop habitat or employ pesticides shift in response to changes in incentives. It is a form of coordination game. NonCropShare is currently being employed in Cambodia, Vietnam, and China to evaluate >> Read more

Incorporating Gender into Bio-Economic Models

  Source: Africa Agri-Business The following paper is written by Marzia Fontana, of the London School of Economics, on the topic of gender and sustainable agricultural intensification. Adding Gender Dimensions to Bio-Economic Modelling: Insights from the Literature In this paper, the author describes a number of important considerations that should be borne in mind when thinking about how >> Read more

Gender Dimensions of Agricultural Innovation Awareness and Adoption

Source: IFAD An initial output of the BioSight project is the following working paper: Gender Dimensions of Agricultural Innovation Awareness and Adoption Researchers and stakeholders are becoming increasingly attuned to the role that gender plays in economic policies and development. Traditionally, researchers made implicit assumptions that households pooled resources and made collective decisions as a single >> Read more