Building capacity in agricultural and policy resource modeling

One of the goals of Biosight is to build the analytical capacity of IFPRI, the CGIAR and a wider community of partners to deal with questions around agricultural and environmental interactions and potential tradeoffs around the intensification of inputs and limited resource availability. We have invested a lot of resources to create training modules that help us and our partners to engage more effectively in research on the sustainable intensification of agriculture, and to deal with the methodological challenges that this type of analysis entails.

Among the trainings that we have organized are:

  • Trainings on the application of systems dynamics models to agriculture and resource problems
  • Trainings on the use of the GAMS modeling framework to examine agricultural and resource policy problems

Here we show some example materials from these training modules, as a resource for interested readers.


Course on Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis in GAMS

Course reader


Day 1: Introduction to agricultural production modeling in GAMS

Day 2: Agricultural production modeling (cont)

Day 3: Resource policy analysis with dynamic models

Day 4: extensions of dynamic programming models to livestock and forestry

Day 5: Equilibrium market modeling applications